The Gujranwala City

Gujranwala City Situated along the contours of the famous Grand Trunk Road, Gujranwala is an ancient city that lies in the northeast of the Punjab province. It ranks as the third largest industrial center in the country, after Karachi and Faisalabad, in view of the availability of raw material and skilled labor. The nature of industry here is varied and vast, with a major concentration of light engineering industry, besides textiles, leather, ceramics, cutlery, electrical engineering and other industries. The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is the representative body of traders, and has around 3,800 registered members, while there are also several unregistered businesses that operate informally.

WASA Gujranwala was established in 1997 to takeover prime responsibility for the planning, design and construction of new water supply, sewerage and drainage facilities; rehabilitation and augmentation of the existing system; and operation and maintenance of the entire system in Gujranwala City.. Presently WASA Gujranwala is providing water and sewerage services to 73 urban union councils (93 sq. Km). Water Supply system coverage is 37% whereas the coverage of Sewerage/Drainage System is 70%.

The Vision

WASA Gujranwala is committed to the efficient and cost effective management of water, sewerage and drainage services in Gujranwala to the satisfaction of government, citizens and other stakeholders. As such, WASA Gujranwala vision is to become a quality service providing utility meeting consumers’ expectations through dedicated employees committed to excellence.

The Mission

The mission of WASA Gujranwala is to provide at fair and reasonable costs to the consumers:

  • Potable water in adequate quantities and at adequate pressures to satisfy domestic, commercial and industrial requirements.
  • Collection of liquid waste from individual customers for its safe and proper disposal.
  • Treatment of wastewater without hazard to the health of the community in a manner that will protect the environment.
  • Planning and management of all storm water related functions within the city.

Functions of WASA Gujranwala

  • Planning , designing and construction of water supply, sewerage and drainage facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage and drainage system.
  • Billing and collection of rates, fees and charges for the service provided to consumers.